Crafting Tradition: From Lumber Town to Modern Mill

Nestled in the heart of Oregon, just ten miles southwest of Hood River, lies the historic Dee Mill. A monument to the Pacific Northwest's rich lumber and orchard industries, Dee was once a bustling company town founded by the Oregon Lumber Company in 1906. Our site was the epicenter of the town, and still holds the legacies of hardworking mill families, innovative agriculturalists, and even remnants of a Japanese community that has enriched this region for generations.

Today, The Dee Mill revitalizes this storied past. We stand as a modern homage to a time when milling was not just an industry, but a craft. We are deeply committed to sustainable forestry and sourcing local materials, carrying forward the true spirit of the pioneers who came before us.

By fusing the past and the future, The Dee Mill aims to enrich our local community and deliver unparalleled craftsmanship to builders, artists, and homemakers alike. Join us in this journey as we craft a sustainable and meaningful future, one slab of wood at a time.